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Play Online Zany Zebra Slot Game for Real Money or Free!

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Zany Zebra slot by Microgaming will cause you a pleasant feeling of nostalgia and provide with a possibility to earn good money. This bright and unusual slot stands out against the background of most analogs by its juicy colors, a cheerful main character, and huge payoffs. The gamble is available at no cost so that each and every aspiring gamester can test one’s strategy before putting real money at stake.

Zany Zebra is very similar to good old one-armed bandits. Thanks to this simulator, you can recall the past victories and enjoy a simple but profitable gambling.

Technical Characteristics of Zany Zebra

  • 3 reels and 5 pay lines.
  • The paying symbols are represented with the images of bells, sevens, the muzzle of a zebra, and BAR inscriptions.
  • The Wind is a zebra. If it occupies the whole game field, it triggers the Jackpot of 6 000 coins.

There are no Scatter, bonus rounds and free spins.