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Play Reel Outlaws Casino Slot and Get Luxurious Payoffs!

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What about taking the role of a hunter for bad guys who crossed the line? If you’ve long been dreaming of doing something good for society, you’re at the right place now! Reel Outlaws will take you on a hot pursuit for the most dangerous villains of today. Be courageous and persistent to complete the mission and get you long-awaited rewards!

The gamble is available in a free mode so that aspiring cowboys have all chance to boost their gambling skills without wasting a penny. However, the real excitement comes when real money is at stake!

Technical Characteristics

  • 5 reels and 9 pay lines.
  • The paying symbols are represented with the images of a sheriff badge, cacti, a cowboy, cowboy boots, and a bottle of whiskey.
  • The Jackpot is 10 000.
  • There are no Wild, Scatter, and bonus rounds.

Welcome to the generous but very dangerous Wild West!